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Have you seen our new Analytics page?

I know you’ve probably already had a look at our Analytics section since you’ve been part of the Slaask family, but have you checked it out recently? See any changes? There have been a lot of ‘em! We’ve updated the whole Analytics section, to make it a lot easier to use, and to group all of the Slaa


Connect your Google calendar, your personal Outlook, your business Office 365 or your Microsoft Exchange to Slaask!

Some extra Slaask news today! Until now, you were able to connect your Slaask Meetings feature with your Google Calendar. From now on, we’re also offering an Outlook connection! This means that the Meetings feature will also work with your Outlook calendar. Slaask will automatically check your Outloo


Slaask's new Inbox page has arrived! And it's a beauty! 🔥

A few months ago, we decided our Inbox page was well overdue for a makeover. When I say “makeover”, I mean full-on redesign, completely new, out-of-this-world remodel! After quite a bit of hard work, and lots of team meetings, we are finally ready to release our new baby to the world! What’s new?We h


Need to reorganize your Knowledge Base categories? I got you.

Are you one of those people who are always re-organizing things? You know, you set something out and then decide you just don’t like it? It just doesn’t look right? I get you, I’m like that too. We guessed there would be more people like that out there. That’s why we’ve added a little extra something


A holiday update for you guys! Our new Export feature!

Hello everyone! Just to let you in on a quick update! We have added an Export feature on our Analytics page! You'll now be able to export your data directly! You can choose which data you'd like to export, for instance, number of conversations, satisfaction rates, and so on, based on a monthly period


Screensharing and video requests from the visitor side? Up to 5 participants in a conference call? What?!

Slaask here, coming at you with more news and updates! First off, we’ve added a few things in the chatbox, on the visitor’s side: From the visitor side, in addition to sending files and taking screenshots, it’s now possible to:Request a chat transcriptRequest a screensharing session Request a video c


Our new Collaborative Working feature!

Introducing the newest feature here at Slaask! Our Collaborative Working feature for the Knowledge Base. Thanks to this update, you can now see, in real-time, if someone other than you is working on a Knowledge Base post. This super-helpful feature will help you avoid typing out the same thing twice,


Our new Slaask x Slack interface!

Hi there! Hope you’re feeling good today, ‘cause we sure are! We have just released the new version of our Slack interface, and it’s a beauty! (at least we think so!) We’ve redesigned our whole interface to make it easier to use for you, and easier to look at! It’s now more visually appealing as they


Customer feedback: The right questions to ask to improve customer experience

Excellent customer service thrives on feedback. Without it, you’ll never know what you’re doing wrong or right. Therefore, it is vital to check customer feedback on a regular basis. But how do you do that?You can get customer feedback from various places these days. You can get it from social media,


We've updated Messenger's behaviour!

Always here trying to make your life easier, the Slaask team has updated the Facebook Messenger integration! First off, we have added the live translate feature to Messenger conversations! You can now chat with any of your contacts through Facebook in their mother tongue! e have fixed a couple of mis


More news coming your way!

We're always looking for ways to make your Slaask experience the best ever, we never stop trying to improve ourselves for you! So, today's news is the Deploy page update! We have changed things up on the Deploy page, making it more understandable and easier to use. To make things easier, we now let y


We've had a busy month! Check out the news!

We've been busy bees over here at Slaask, we've been tweaking and tuning, to make your Xeno experience the best possible! Check out all of our news: Chatbox changesWe redesigned the input bar of the Chatbox. Our Powered by Slaask label is now on top of the input bar, making it easier for mobile users


Check out our Contacts page update!

We all need to keep our contacts nice and tidy. That's why we have updated our contacts page for you. We have changed the look to make it work better for you. But we didn't stop there: Personalized views You can now create personalised views and see only what you need or want to. You can use the Cust


We updated our chatbox input bar! Quick, go check it out!

Your Slaask team has more news for you! We have updated our chatbox input bar! Why? The main reason is that we noticed that the input bar could be better optimized for mobile devices, and was a bit small for our glasses-wearing friends out there! What did we change?It's now optimized for the best mo


Have you set up your Slaask Timetable yet?

Howdy! Have you set up your Slaask Timetable yet?We're always trying to save you precious time so our Timetable feature is so easy to use! You can find the Timetable feature under Routing (the feature that allows you to decide how your conversations are dispatched to your team members) in the left-ha


Check out our new Help Center updates!

Hi there!Time for another update from your friends at Slaask! :grin::tada:This time, we have updated your Knowledge Base, your Help Center AND your pre-defined responses option! Do we ever stop?! :open_mouth:First off, we have improved the Help Center web interface. It is now easier to use, and even


Automatically translate any language instantly in your chats, thanks to Slaask!

Have you always wanted to chat with your contacts in their native language but the language barrier is just impossible to overcome? :weary:Well, I’ve got big news for you! :grin:We have released our newest feature and we think you’re going to love it! You can now talk to your contacts in their own la


Our News Feed feature has arrived! 🎉

Here, you can keep your leads and customers up-to-date on what is going on in your business!