Replying to your contacts

Replying to your contacts

Written by  Alex L.
Last update:  Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017

One of your contacts sends a message

When a contact send a message for the very first time using your Slaask widget on your website, Slaask opens a new Slack channel for you and invites you (and/or some of your collaborators, depending on configuration) to join this new channel.

1. When a lead or a customer hasn’t been identified yet, the channel name looks like this:


2. When a lead or a customer has been identified, the channel name looks like this:


Slaask channels names are structured with 3 distinct components:

1. The name of the channels created for each lead and customer begins with “#s” which has two different meanings:

  • “s” for Slaask
  • And/or “s” for Support

2. The number after “#s” is an counter which is totally unique to your team, and tracks your team chat number (whether it is an unidentified lead or customer, or an identified lead or customer, and increases across all of your Slaask widgets). In other words, starting at 0, the counter increases every time a new, unique chat concerning your team is started by one of your leads or one of your customers.

3. The number is then followed by the word “visitor” or, if identified, the name of your user/lead/customer (i.e.: “john-doe”).

Reply to your lead's/customer's messages

To reply to your lead's or customer's messages, just type in the "#s-001-visitor" or "#s-001-john-doe" channel as you usually would on Slack to reply to this visitor.

Yes, it is that simple! :)

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